Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Roundup of Last Year's Holiday Baking

Before I get into the roundup. Don't forget to enter my merry joyful box of baking supplies giveaway.

Which includes these jumbo cookie cutters.

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Last December found me baking my heart out. As Dr. B was not able to get home for the holidays there were probably way too many posts flying out of my kitchen to distract myself. In reviewing them recently, I felt some recipes were worth mentioning again like these Marzipan Filled Mango Pistachio Cashew Stollen Bites:

There were these Chocolate Dipped Lebekuchen Caramels:

And this Mini Christmas Cookie Word Jumble idea is a fun and beautiful way to personalize a gift.

The most unusual treat I created had to be Pine Infused Honey Chocolate Truffles. They tasted great and the recipients loved the little christmas tree shapes.

The Star of David Shaped Chinese Five Spice Latkes were also fun and equally delicious.

Everything about these Holiday Shaped White Chocolate Filled Pop-Tarts screamed Christmas (ok maybe a bit too loudly).

And one of the the prettiest Holiday posts of last year was probably these Poinsettia Cupcakes.

Check 'em out while I bake up some new holiday inspired fun.


  1. I'm so glad you did this because it gave me so much inspiration! those cupcakes...I'm super amazed.

  2. Fabulous round-up! I want to try each recipe. Watch out, skinny jeans! :-)

  3. I love the little stockings! Those pointsettias are beautiful, but I don't think I have the expertise to try those yet!


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