Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Shaped Poptarts with White Chocolate Filling

I never ate pop tarts as a kid. I discovered them in my 20s. Hello Brown Sugar Cinnamon Frosted!

Over the years I've lived abroad I have occasionally seen the strawberry flavored ones in the "American" section of our German supermarkets. I was tempted to buy them once or twice but when I started seeing recipes for them on other food blogger sites, I knew I would try to re create them. The best part of making them is not only being able to pick the fillings and toppings but what color and shape as well.

I apologize to poptart purists everywhere for this desecration. What started out as putting a few holiday themed decorations on them turned into Christmastize overkill.

Holiday Shaped Pop Tarts with White Chocolate Filling


For the pop tarts I used THIS Toaster Tart recipe from the King Arthur Flour site.

My changes:

1) I made the dough in 2 batches, one half at a time. For each half, after cutting in the butter, I added food coloring. Wilton's Red Red to one half and Leaf Green to the other.

2) For the filling I used white chocolate cut up into small pieces.

"Filling" the Christmas stocking. Tee hee.
3) After rolling the I cut the shapes out using these molds.

This is why:

The lip on these molds automatically gave the shapes an edge to use to bind the two halves together when sealing up the tart.

Much easier and faster to work with.

4) Of course I glittered the tops of them with red and green edible glitter.

I combined the leftover scraps and using a bell shaped mold made this hybrid color version.

I can't decide if it's cute or hideous. I'm going with hideous for now.


  1. Lovely! First time seeing these poptarts and with white chocolate fillings, I bet they taste quite delicious too!

  2. They look fabulous!!! My kids will love these. Thanks for posting.

  3. Love this idea I have never seen them made this way before.


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