Monday, December 6, 2010

Poinsettia Cupcakes

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday. Germans are already following the advent calender and celebrating Christmas. So instead of making her a cake, I made these Weihnachtsstern (Christmas Star)  Poinsettia cupcakes to celebrate.

I was admiring THIS version by Rose over at All about Cakes. Her beautiful cupcakes inspired mine.
For the cupcakes and frosting, I used THIS recipe from the Magnolia Bakery and added a few squirts of Wilton's White White to the frosting to brighten up the color.

I made marshmallow fondant using THIS recipe, divided it into three parts, two large and one small, then tinted each part using Wilton's food coloring gel. For the red I used Red No Taste. For the deep green color, I used Leaf Green with a few dabs of Black. For the yellow I used Golden Yellow.

The shapes I cut out freehand using a knife and then used it to create the indentations on the leaves and petals. I used 4 green leaves and 6 petals for each of the Poinsettias, pressing then together in the middle. Using the yellow fondant, I rolled a few tiny balls and pressed them n the middle.

I glittered them with red, green and gold disco and hologram dusts by dipping a small paintbrush into vodka and brushing on the glitter.

Every other cupcake was adorned with a fondant poinsettia. I swirled the frosting on the non flowered ones and once the icing hardened a bit, brushed on gold hologram dust.

After I arranged them on a gold platter, they looked so festive and pretty. I was glad I only decorated half of them. It gave the flowers breathing room.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful, and they are so fitting for the festivities!

  2. what an incredible amount of effort you put into the design of these, worth it they look beautiful... thanks for stopping by Satisfied~
    Chef Louise

  3. Very impressed with the fondant work! I've always been intimidated by it, maybe I'll give it ago. PS: That pot roast was and is (leftovers tonight!) amazing :)

  4. These are beautiful - you have awesome decorating skills!!! I have 2 birthdays in December at my house - cupcakes are a fantastic idea, although I don't think mine will look quite like these!

  5. Wow, absolutely stunning cupcakes! I'm in awe at how talented you are at decorating.

  6. Wow these are beautiful! so perfectly decorated.

  7. They look perfect Lora! What a great birthday treat.


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