Friday, March 21, 2014

Rose Cream Puff Swans

This was my attempt to serve an elegant dessert on Oscar night. I've been wanting to make these babies forever and finally had the time and appropriate occasion as an excuse. I actually didn't take many photographs but it turns out, even after a week or so in the fridge, some leftover ones didn't disintegrate in the fridge. I was able to take some snaps and post them.

What prompted this was I recently (re)saw these swans beautifully executed by Barbara Bakes and became re-obsessed with making them. Her instructions are excellent.

When I visited  my beloved Dallmayr in Munich last fall, I picked up several delicious treasures and squirreled them away in my pantry for special occasions. These candied rose petals were among the chosen. Since I also had some leftover Romanian rose jam left over in my fridge (a gift from a fellow UN spouse), I put them together to make this rose flavored version of cream puff swans. 

Using Barbara's recipe, I flavored the pastry cream with rose and placed a candied rose petal between the wings of each swan.

Attack of the glitter girl happens often. This time it was silver disco dust brushed on the swans to finish them up making them red carpet ready.

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  1. So fun to read your post. Your swans are perfect for an elegant Oscar party. Love the filling with an exotic candied rose petal between the wings. Thanks for the sweet shout out.


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