Monday, November 11, 2013

Dallmayr in Munich - Be Still My Foodie Heart

This is my my Valhalla. The shop I love most in Munich and the gourmet shop I love most of all. No matter how many fancy food shops I've been in all over the world, my heart will always belong to Dallmayr.

Once purveyor to the Royal Bavarian Court, the store dates back to the 17th century and carries world class goods. I discovered this food fairyland on my very first trip to Munich many years ago. Jet lagged and wandering the Marianplatz, I accidentally stumbled through its exquisite threshold and thought I might be in a dream.  

Just to be sure, I came back the next day and still had to pinch myself it was real and I have never been the same since. From then on, all my consequent Munich trips (until I moved to the city) included several visits a week. And my first apartment in Munich was around the corner from Dallmayr. It wasn't intentional but most serendipitous. Dallmayr is still my favorite store to shop for gifts to bring back to the States.
Admittedly. I am not much of a meat eater and I never eat anything that comes from the sea but I find myself lingering over the fish and fleisch counters.  It's the display and packaging that enchants me most. Even the rows of sausages and caviar hold my attention.

The employees wear smart uniforms, very traditional and old fashioned.  Each section is like its own little Aladdin's cave carved out in the store.

My favorites are the coffee, tea and chocolate nooks. Those gorgeous hand painted Nymphenburg porcelain containers are perfect vessels for extra special and delicious wares, including their fanciful tea blends and world famous coffee.

In case you want to celebrate your precious purchases, a lovely champagne and oyster bar awaits you.

At the pasta counter you can watch the handmade process in action practically purchasing the goods right from the machine.

Here's the cake counter. Can we tawk? Oy vey. Details are in the delicious.

Even ordinary food is sculpted into edible art. Guests were always impressed when this is served. but you had better get there early. It goes fast.

The fruit and vegetable counters carry a wide variety of exotic varieties. Rombutan anyone?

Off to the side is an exquisite cigar/tobacco shop. I love to just stick my nose in for a quick whiff. It just smells rich.

I'm not even going to get into the wurst and cheese sections. Those could be separate posts entirely.

Love German breads. One of the things I miss most living back in the states. Dallmayr is no disappointment in that department. Also there are tons of lovely crackers and crisp breads to choose from.

The packaging in the chocolate section is amazing. You can choose between numerous exquisitely wrapped packages or move over to the mother of all chocolate cases and custom select your own.

This place is off the hook at Christmas time with special everything on top of the daily special everything. At Oktoberfest they don't miss a beat with these Marzipan souvenirs and of course, Dallmayr branded lebkuchen hearts.

Let's  take a peek at the wines, champagnes and liquors and liqueurs. Dallmayr sources and specially makes their own lines of everything including unusually flavored local schnapps. I once bought white asparagus schnapps here many years ago. Yes I did.

They were having a promotion on local honey when I was there. 

These candied roses and violets made their way into my shopping bags.

Usually there are live crayfish in that fountain.

If you're looking for something  bit more upscale than the outdoor Viktualienmarkt, or if it's raining, Dallmayr is the perfect refuge. There is truly something for everyone here.


  1. OMG, this is my most favorite post ever!
    Everything looks beautiful and I have goosebumps reading and seeing all these foodie delights. Makes me want to jump on a plane to Munich right now.
    Great photos, thanks for sharing chica!

  2. Paradise for all of us food lovers!

  3. This makes Zabars and Dean and Deluca look like poor relatives. Amazing place!

  4. yes. yes. yes. oui. oui. oui. ja. ja. ja. !!! like heaven.

  5. Thanks for the beautiful, enticing tour. What a marvelous place!


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