Friday, December 7, 2012

German Christmas Treats

I am in Miami at Art Basel. There are few traces of holiday cheer here only the insane hype circus that surrounds this type of event. One of my oldest and dearest friends is on business here this week and invited me to come along for a wild ride. In between the insanity we have been having girlfriend fun but for the most part, aside from walking the show, it's been a  non-stop party train populated by celebrities, musicians, artists, art dealers and creatives types from every stratosphere.

We haven't been able to return to our suite at the Mondrian before 3AM every night since we got here. I've met so many fun and interesting people, the food and fun have been fabulous but Ima gonna need a vacation once back in NYC.

Deconstructed Key Lime Pie in South Beach

Last week I saw an article in Saveur magazine about Christmas in Bavaria and almost cried.   Germany is such a magical place at Christmas and this half Jewish girl loved every minute of that festive time over the 10 years I lived there. Even though NYC has it's own, albeit much more commercial brand of holiday magic, I really will miss Christmas in Germany this year.  So while I am pool side at the Delano (don't hate me) drowning my sorrows in Grey Goose, there is no time for baking, only people watching and networking. In order not to completely abandon holiday blogging,  I'm sharing with you some wonderful and delicious German themed treats of Christmas posts past.

Marzipan Filled Mango, Cashew, Pistachio Stollen Bites

This is still one of my favorite Christmas treats I ever made. Packed with flavor and a homemade marzipan festive colored middle. A little surprise gift inside.

Aachener Printen

The pressure was on when I made these because my mother in law is an Aachenerin (from Aachen). I culled a few different recipes from the interwebs and then just went for it. Happily, my German family was very pleased with the results and there was not a crumb left. This post also includes a peek at the Christmas market in Aachen.

Gilded Spekulatius

Of course I had to glitter these babies up. The cookies themselves were delicious. I gave away an extra set of those handmade beautiful molds I had bought at the Aachen Christmas market. when I went bak to find them again last year, fulling intending to repeat the giveaway, I could not find the vendor anywhere. Since this post I have purchased a few antique ones from different thrift shops in Germany but they are all back in Germany so I have no access to them this holiday season.

White Chocolate Dipped Lebkuchen Caramels

Caramels are not a German Christmas tradition but Lebkuchen Gew├╝rz flavor, a mix of gingerbread like spices are a huge holiday favorite. After adding the spices, I dipped these deep flavored caramels in white chocolate I had added a touch of color to, Coating the ends in white non pareils gve them a snowy wintery look. Dr. B recently was in Europe on a business trip. while there, he made a stop in Germany to check on the house and spend time with family. He also picked me up some more of these little spice packets of awesomeness.


Finally, this is not a recipe for making now but enjoying now. Showing you the result is just an enticement to encourage those willing to make their own starting in late spring next year. You can use any extra large jar with a lid. You keep layering in fruits as they come into season along with brown sugar and rum. By next Christmas time you will have a boozy, delicious and unique dessert. Enjoy it straight up or spooned over cake, ice cream or yogurt. 


  1. We have a Lidl down the road and I go there to stock up on German Xmas treats like stollen bites and spekulatius. But, alas, there's no mango in the stollen and the spekulatius aren't gilded. Yours look so much better!

  2. Maybe our Christmas this year will have to be a little German-infused. These all look so great!

  3. Loved this revisit to Christmases past. I'm happy that you are having a wonderful time in Miami and do hope that you will have time to recoup when you get back to NY!

    That deconstructed key lime pie is beautiful!

  4. Gosh the spekulaas molds are awesome! fantastic cookies.

  5. Wow! It all looks delicious! Those molded cookies are amazing.

  6. Such treat to the eyes....looks fabulous:)

  7. I remember some of these treats! Love the marzipan stollen.

  8. Lucky you! Hope you had a blast. Sorry to hear about your birthday being "Sandy-ed". Glad you are ok though.

    Christmas baking has not even begun properly at our home this year, I've been lazy. But the though of stollen is making me very excited. Happy holidays Lora!

  9. Aachener Printen look GREAT! I love your Spekulatius form.

  10. I share your pain. As happy as I am back on Orcas Island, I will desperately miss the holidays in Hamburg.
    We were outside of Maastricht last month in a village at a trumpet factory tucked in behind a totally normal little house. I think this is near your inlaw's neck of the woods.
    Lovely round up of treats.

  11. The cookies molds look amazing, and the deconstructed key lime pie is such a unique idea(to me anyway)! Enjoy the warmth in Florida, and thanks for sharing!


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