Friday, October 26, 2012

Black Velvet Rose Cupcakes For Halloween

Here's some glam goth cupcake-ness for Halloween. As most bakers know, creative inspiration comes anywhere, anytime. 

Recently I was on  a veeery long cashier line at Michael's, spotted these roses and thought, "hmmm those would make pretty Halloween cupcakes." The upside of being stuck on a long line.

It's time for some pretty anyway. I have to make up for those disgusting severed tongue truffles of my last post. This cupcakes design is in the complete opposite direction.

For the roses I used homemade marshmallow fondant then followed this quick and easy fondant tutorial to form the roses. The ends of the petals were disco dusted to match the ones I saw in the store.

The black velvet cupcake recipe is from Sweetapolita and it's perfection. For the black buttercream I followed is from Savory Sweet Life's chocolate buttercream recipe and added black paste food coloring.

When I brought these to work, no one would touch them. I thought it was because of the lovely effect black paste food coloring has one one's teeth and lips but finally discovered everyone thought they were too pretty to eat. This was weird because they had no problem scarfing up the icky severed tongue truffles the day before. Hmmmm.


  1. These are spooky but in a more...delectable...kind of way than the tongues :P

  2. My daughter was just standing next to me and said ohhh they look pretty. The roses remind me a bit of chokkywoccydoodahs style :)

  3. Oh, really know how to do Halloween! These roses are 'hauntingly' beautiful and severed tongue truffles? GENIUS! They look so real and gory! On another note..I'm still chuckling about you having to punch your way through dough back into the kitchen! OMG..that's like the I Love Lucy cake episode! I wish I could have seen that!

  4. Lovely to see a pretty halloween treat! I love the inspiration for them too.

  5. These are so pretty!! A black rose is just perfect for an exquisite Halloween treat! For once it isn't anything too gruesome. hehe..

  6. oh my, Lora. These are definitely spooky and I've just seen the previous post too. Spooked out is an understatement but I so adore your sense of fun! Bravo.

  7. bookmarked!!, I love your website!


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