Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiger Lily Cupcakes with Orange Buttercream Frosting

I admit these were a bit of a failed fondant flower experiment. I had some leftover orange colored fondant and was briefly in love with the idea of making tiger lilies.

To round out the tiger theme, I made chocolate/vanilla tiger striped cupcakes to go under the orange flower blobs.

I think they look like demented crabs. They can join the demented goat lamb and demented pink bunny baked good club.

I formed the lily petals by rolling out the fondant and cutting out the petal shapes with a sharp knife. Then I rolled small pieces of the fondant into the stamen shapes and painted the accents with black paste food coloring. The round tiger pattern toppers were created with a round cutter and adding strips of black colored fondant.

These pictures remind me I really need to take a gum paste class one day in the future. As for the tast. The cupcakes and frosting were great but asking anyone to eat this much fondant is masochistic.

Tiger Lilly Cupcakes with 
Orange Buttercream Frosting

For the Tiger Cupcakes:

I made a 1/2 batch each of Magnolia Bakery's chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes and then used this great tutorial from on how to create the tiger stripes.

I used Magnolia Bakery's recipe for Vanilla Buttercream and added 1 teaspoon of orange extract and a smidge or orange food coloring.

For Homemade Marshmallow Fondant:

  • 1  bag  (14 oz) marshmallows (minis melt easier but you can use regular sized ones as well.)
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 1 pound of powdered sugar
  • Crisco or shortening
  • plastic wrap or cling film
  • Gel or paste food coloring
  • Cover the inside of a heat safe bowl, a wooden spoon, your mixer's bowl and the dough hook attachment with Crisco or shortening.
  • Place marshmallows and water in the bowl.
  • Microwave the marshmallows for 30 seconds at a time stirring the mixture in between with the wooden spoon.
  • When the mixture is the consistency of Marshmallow Fluff, transfer it to your mixer fitted with the dough hook and mix in the powdered sugar one cup at a time until the fondant is formed..
  • Cover your work surface with powdered sugar and cover your hands with Crisco or shortening.
  • Dump the fondant on the sugared surface and knead the fondant adding more powdered sugar if needed to make it less sticky.
  • Separate the fondant into different parts and color as desired by adding a few drops of gel colors at a time and kneading it in until the color is evenly distributed and you get the color you want. 
  • Wrap each piece in plastic wrap until you use it.
  • Wrap leftover fondant tightly in plastic cling film and store in a zip lock bag.


  1. Lora..these are gorgeous! I love that you made your own fondant (marshmallow fondant is the only fondant that tastes good, IMO), and your tiger colors and stripes with the striped interior is top notch! The orange buttercream sounds great too! What an amazing job..you should sell these..along with your macarons!

  2. These look great. I'm liking the layering of chocolate and vanilla. And those flowers aren't half bad... jk... they're amazing.

  3. Demented crabs! Mwahahaha. I think that if, somehow, the tiger lilies were a bit stiffer they would be perfect. Not that I have any advice on how to make that happen! I love the striped cake.

  4. These do not look demented in the least. I knew right away they were tiger lilies and I love that you thought to dress the top of your striped cupcakes with these fondant flowers.

  5. love the look of these! great job :)

  6. Oh yum the striped cupcakes look delicious. Orange and chocolate is such a fab combination. I think sugar flowers are so hard to make even with all the professional cutters and gumpaste :)

  7. So beautiful! You have such creativity when it comes to decorating!

  8. How did you do the cupcake inside to create swirls?

    1. Tutorial here: http://www.mycakeschool.com/blog/how-to-make-a-cake-with-zebra-stripes-on-the-inside/


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