Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Easter Bunny Eclairs with Key lime Curd Filling

Now that I am done with these I realize they probably look better without glaze or I should have just used a thin transparent one. Once I started with the pink glaze it was only a short hop to sprinkling pink sanding sugar on them and attempting to give them faces. They look a bit demented, not unlike some goat lamb cookies I made last year. They do look slightly cuter in person. Promise.

For the choux part I used Tish Boyle's recipe. It always works perfectly for me.
I piped the batter in the shape of a bunny by making and round part for the body, attached a smaller round shape on top for the head, then piped the ears and the feet.

A bag of Mexican key limes at Trader Joe's recently found their way into my shopping basket.

They were looking ignored and lonely in the fridge so using Martha Stewart's recipe, I turned them into curd.

Then filled the bunny bellies and heads with the curd.

I used a vanilla glaze recipe from All recipes, colored it pink and dipped the filled chox bunnies into it. Edible pearls with dots of black royal icing became eyes, a large black candy sequins became a nose and black sprinkles formed whiskers.

Hoppy Easter!


  1. I've seen choux pastry made into the shape of swans but I don't think anyone was ever creative enough to shape them into bunnies! The are very cute and filling them with a lime curd was a great idea.
    Best wishes to you and the Dr. for a wonderful Easter Lora :)

  2. I'm just impressed that you were able to pipe the pastry in the shape of a bunny - Mine would totally look like something out of Lovecraft. I seriously can't get over their cute little tummies :3

  3. They're so cute, and I'm sure, oh so yummy! Love lime curd:)

  4. ...and they were each named Harvey, I suppose? They really are very cute, albeit slightly deranged-looking. I can picture them hopping out of a cave and jumping at my throat. Too much Monty Python? Yeah, probably. Happy Easter, Mad Lady!

  5. What a wonderful idea for Easter! They are totally glamorous with your shiny glaze and glitter too. Hoppy Easter :)

  6. These are ADORABLE! And I kind of love that they're pretty-in-pink.

  7. Oh so adorable! Lora, you are a master of zany and cute. These would translate well to a Mad Hatter's tea party too.

  8. Wow, those are impressive! I laughed when I read that you called them demented, but I think they're pretty cute. I definitely wouldn't turn down an opportunity to eat one. :)

  9. This is just waaaaay too cute!!! You're always so creative! hahaha.. I imagine it must be hard to fill the bunnies' stomach and head with curd! wow!! I'm impressed!!! You too, hope you had a HOPPY Easter! hehehe..


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