Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th Treats and June's Funny Food Blogger Posts

Well I did it. I managed to fall almost completely off the blogging wagon. As many other bloggers will tell you, after the initial angst, there is a sort of freedom that comes with not being a posting slave. But longing and guilt eventually set in and here I am again vowing to do better in July.

However, I did do a fair amount of baking. There were two gay wedding this month so I made 160 of these:

Yes, the grooms' initials were B and J.
What's a gay wedding without a gay  joke?

And 80 more of these:

Then Gay Pride happened and I made this:

I helped carry the banner for the Upper Delaware GLBT. Our first time marching in the NYC Pride parade and of course we were pulling a pink canoe. It was an amazing day!

I also made an scrumptious Salted Caramel Peach Crumble Pie from Evil Shenanigans. Lemme tell you, that pie was GONE faster than I could cut pieces or take one photo for that matter. It's a gorgeous perfect recipe. The compulsive recipe fiddler like me didn't change one ingredient. 

Some new treats have been created to share next week, but for this post I'm going green and recycling some red, white and blue idea of posts past. 

Happy July Fourth Weekend!

US Flag Cake

Red, White & Blue Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Cookies

Mini Cupcake Flag

Red, White & Blue Cake Pops

Apple Pie Spice Starts & Stripes Sugar Cookies

Red, White & Blue Tiger Bundt CakeWith Cherry Glaze

June's Funny Food Blogger Posts:

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SPCookieQueen's Farcical Friday

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  1. Love the BJ cookie. That's classic! Thanks for the mention. : )

  2. You have been busy! Great wedding cookies, love the gold rings on the rainbows. What fun it must have been to carry that banner in the parade! Glad you recycled your July 4th baking. It's all great and the tie-dyed peace sign cookies are fabulous. Have a wonderful Independence Day celebration :)

  3. Phew! Fantastic round-up! I'm going through the liberating phase of not blogging much myself - not sure if I'll ever get back on track but not sure I care either. Ugh. Maybe I just need summer. Your rainbow cake is perfect for Gay Pride, and I'm wondering what you made the wedding bands with on those cookies. They look like gold-sprayed Hula Hoop potato chips (what are those called in the States? I can't remember!). :-)

  4. Aww thanks for featuring my post!! I'm so glad you're back ON the bandwagon because I missed your posts!

  5. Love your rainbow boa. I know I have black one somewhere but can't seem to find it. (You never know when it could come in handy.) I had a grand total of two posts in June (and two in May), so you weren't the only one to fall off the bandwagon! I think I always have a bit of an identity crisis when the weather starts getting hot. "What do I want to do with this damn blog?!" :-)

  6. Wow!! That is a lot of 4th of July baking going on! ahhh.. And yeah, I totally hear you because I fell off the blogging wagon last month too! I blame summer and the lovely weather! Too many wonderful things to do to be stuck at home blogging. haha.. We all know how much work blogging is too! Photographing, writing, referencing, commenting etc etc.. So I totally feel you! But great job on still baking so much! And I love the BJ joke. hehe

  7. What a great baking round up and I love everything but especially those rainbow hearts with the rings, totally fabulous. Well done.

  8. I totally love the rainbow hearts and rings (and the initial cookies!) ;) I too have been neglecting the blog lately so totally know how it is. But Lora, you always come up with such amazing, sparkly goodies, it's always worth the wait.


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