Friday, July 2, 2010

The July 4th Cake Pop Saga

I thought July 4th cake pops were a cute idea.  Like the Earth Day Cake Pops, I used Bakerella's recipe and instructions.  My problem was coloring the chocolate. I had no access here to oil based candy colors so I used royal icing instead.

A much bigger pain in the ass then just dipping the pops into chocolate. And because I cannot seem to leave well enough alone, after blending together the cake and frosting mixture,

I wanted to play around with the shapes. The first idea was to make flags and stars. BIG fail. See here..

The flags turned out to be too heavy for the stick and I did not have the right decorating tools on hand to properly illustrate the flags.

And it was a nightmare to work with the cutters. I tried greasing them but it seemed to make things worse. Ugh...

Then I tried just round balls.  Very uninspiring and I wasn't happy with this shade of blaahhh blue I made.

For round 3 I tried refrigerating the cake/frosting mixture for about 30 minutes, then patted it out on a board sprinkled with confectionary sugar, I sugared the cutter as well and I was able to easily get very nice star shapes without the sticky mess...

Well, I still had to deal with the sticky icing issue...

Like America's freedom, these were hard won but victory tasted oh so sweet...

Happy July 4th!

What does freedom mean to you?

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  1. Wow what a lot of effort, they all look really good I love all the different sprinkles. Very patriotic.


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