Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Cake Pops

Do we need to be reminded once again that Mother Nature always has the last word? She recently hit the reset button big time on global air traffic with little more than a few hiccups through an Icelandic volcano.

Seriously, we humans think we are so smart, important and in control of everything. To an extent, this is true. Just look at all the wonderful things we can do - technology, science, medicine, art....

However, it doesn't amount to anything when it all can so easily be destroyed by an earthquake, hurricane, or a tsunami.

Feeble. That's what we are in comparison.

Or to put it more positively, think about your coolest iphone App, most fabulous software or gadget and then compare it to the awesomeness that is a spectacular sunrise or sunset, a tree in full outrageous bloom or the amazing, colorful and fascinating critters we humans share our planet with... Yep. Trumped again by Big Momma.

She humbles us, Mother Nature.

On Earth Day, I will not only love and honor her  but remind myself again to respect the hell out of her.

I humbly offer the Goddess these Earth Day heart shaped planet earth cake pops as a tribute.

I had some delicious moist coconut cake left over from Dr. B's Fin Cake so I turned to The incredible Bakerella, the queen of cake pops. Her blog provides non stop creative inspiration.

I followed her directions for her cake pops whipping up a batch of quick vanilla buttercream to add to the crushed up cake. Instead of forming balls, I used a cutter to form hearts,

inserted the sticks and put them in the freezer to set.

Until recently, I could not find lollypop sticks here in Germany. Finally using several translations for "lolly pop sticks" in, I was able to find and order them from this chocolate making site. They didn't get here on time so I used tapas sticks.

Instead of dipping them in chocolate, I made a batch of royal icing (powdered sugar, powdered egg whites and milk) leaving the consistency a bit thicker than usual. After coating the hearts  I returned them to the fridge for a bit to prevent the icing from running off to much.  Once they were firm, I took them out of the fridge to dry.

With green tinted royal icing, I painted on a facsimile of the continents.  I may have rearranged them a bit (Sorry, Mother Earth!) but was going for the look, not accuracy.  I cannot draw freehand. Not at all. And we all know how well the average American is with geography, so maybe most of you on that side of the pond won't notice too much.

Happy Earth Day! Now go out and pick up some litter or kiss a frog or something to celebrate...

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