Friday, November 10, 2017

Cinnamon Star Bread - King Arthur Flour's November Bakealong Challenge

Just looking at this gorgeous baked good can be intimidating, forget to attempt to make it yourself. However, when you read the frank step by step instructions on the King Arthur Flour website, you gather the confidence to give it a try.

This cinnamon star bread recipe is much easier to make than the deceptive and intimidating looking result.

It does take awhile to create. The total rise time is two hours. However, if you plan this recipe around doing other tasks, it comes together in no time. 

The cinnamon star bread can also be premade and frozen up to one month beforehand. Perfect for a holiday breakfast or brunch. Who doesn't love make-ahead recipes for parties or holidays?

I was lucky to have had all the ingredients on hand. The recipe contains potato flour and nonfat milk powder, both of which not everyone has in their kitchens. You only need a 1/4 cup of each of those ingredients, so I suggest instead of running out and buying them,  "borrow" the amounts you need from a friend or neighbor if you can or use their recommended substitutions.

The star of this cinnamon star bread is the Vietnamese Cinnamon. If you have never tasted this variety, you are in for a treat. This is one ingredient I do recommend splurging on. Vietnamese cinnamon has a higher oil content than others. It works well in baked goods and has a WOW deep flavor. I keep both the workhorse regular supermarket cinnamon and Vietnamese cinnamon in my baking cabinet. Hauling out the Vietnamese variety is a must for cinnamon heavy recipes like this bread.

If you like to bake, I suggest you join in the bakealong fun every month. This is the 16th challenge I have participated in and I have not only enjoyed every recipe, I loved learning new techniques and stretching my baking skills. 

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