Monday, December 26, 2016

Butter Pecan Kringle: King Arthur Flour's December Bakealong

Yes. I know Christmas was yesterday but we all know the holiday party train continues until January 2nd. Consequently, we all need a stockpile of cakes and desserts for friends and relative who drop by to visit. 

This butter pecan kringle is this month's bakalong recipe from King Arthur flour. It is both a stunner and a workhorse.

A stunner in looks and butter pecan flavor, one of my all-time favorites for ice cream. This kringle did not disappoint. It's a beautiful addition to any holiday table and the layer of flavors, butter, caramel and pecan are sublime. The cake is a workhorse in that it covers your holiday desserts, coffee and tea time and even breakfast danish territories.

The recipe is all about layering. First, a dough base is made, then another cake layer on top, then baked. After that, it's a matter of layering caramel, toasted whole pecans and vanilla butter flavored sugar glaze over the baked ring.

For the butter vanilla flavor, I was lucky enough to have picked up this Dr. Oetker's version in Germany last week. When I am visiting home there, I make it a point to troll the baking aisles of local supermarkets to see if there is anything interesting or different to buy. A few packages of marzipan and packets of vanilla flavored sugar alway make it into my suitcase as well as any interesting sugar decorating items. 

King Arthur Flour has their own butternut vanilla flavoring you can purchase online

Because I made this for a Christmas dinner, there was no resisting the bling. I sprinkled some white and silver sugar stars (also recently purchased in Germany) over the top as an added decorative holiday touch. 

I made my own caramel to use in this recipe but you can use store-bought caramels or caramel sauce to save time. If you really want to go crazy, make the turtle version which includes an additional layer of chocolate. 

As I've said previously, I am really enjoying these monthly bakealongs with King Arthur Flour. The recipes have all been winners and fun to make. This one is no exception. 

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