Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Asparagus Salad with Mini Potato Chip Schnitzel

I officially declare this recipe a less guilty way to eat potato chips because salad and protein are involved. 

Are you with me?

Potato chips make a great coating for schnitzel. A fun food for kids of all ages. For flavor twists, use barbecue or sour cream and onion potato chips for the mix. 

You can also go all upscale and colorful and use homemade or store bought gourmet chips like blue, beet or sweet potato chips. All would add some lovely color.

The schnitzel recipe can be made with whole cutlets. Just skip cutting out the rounds with a cookie cutter. I wanted a miniature size for presentation so I used a small round cookie cutter to shape the schnitzel out of the veal. Skip that and take the easier way of cutting asymmetrical pieces or strips out of the meat. 

Of course, you don't have to use veal. Substituting turkey or chicken cutlets would also work well in this recipe.

To bump up the color factor, I used orange tomatoes and red onions in the salad. 

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