Friday, April 29, 2016

Cheesy Ramp Basil Pull Apart Bread

So I am, once again piling on the ramp craze here with this offering of a rustic ramp version of pull-apart bread.

Use this lovely, much sought after wild leek in this buttery pull-apart bread that is also stuffed with basil and cheese. 

Pull-apart bread takes a bit of work to assemble but the delicious flavor in every bite result is well worth it.

After the bread dough has been made, kneaded and left to rise, It is rolled out into a rectangle.  I used whole wheat flour for this bread, all-purpose would work just as well. 

Butter is mixed together with fresh chopped ramps and basil and spread over the rolled out bread dough.

The dough is then cut into strips and then pieces.


The pieces are stuffed into a loaf pan. 

Before baking, coarse salt is scattered over the top.  I used Carmargue de Sel. Feel free to use your favorite variety.  

You can also easily substitute your favorite cheese or fresh chopped herbs in this recipe. 

The ramps provide lovely onion-garlic flavor. The result tastes like garlic cheese bread with an added flavor layer of basil. 

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