Monday, March 14, 2016

Raisin Breads Topped with Lemon Cream and Apricot

Easter brunch offers up many possibilities for creative and fun food. I spied a version of these in a German cooking magazine last year around this time and they made me smile. I thought of it as an Easter version of a raisin bagel with cream cheese. 

These lemon cream, apricot topped raisin individual breads are a perfect festive and flavorful addition to any Easter  or spring themed breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The base is a simple German raisin bread recipe. The ovals are topped with a rich mixture of mascarpone and quark with some sugar and lemon zest added for flavor. 

Quark is not easily found outside of Europe. In order to make quark properly, the process takes hours. A quick imitation recipe for German quark is included  in the link below.

The final touch is brushing the apricot halves with a layer of apricot jam for extra flavor. 

You can use fresh or canned apricot for this recipe. Using canned is faster.

For the full recipe and instructions, hop on over to my German Food Page at

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