Monday, March 21, 2016

Egg Shaped Jam Sandwich Cookies

The temptation to make these cookies into Easter themed Linzers was strong. But I resisted. I like how the smooth icing came out on top. Next year egg shaped Linzers. 

Or rabbits with jam tummies. Those would be cute was well. 

Anyway, these are a fun addition to your Easter or Spring holiday table. I used a plain vanilla cookie base but you can easily switch it up by adding your favorite spices or substitute your favorite rollout chocolate cookie recipe for a whole other flavor. Another idea is to add come fresh citrus zest to the batter. 

You will need two different cookie cutters to create the egg shape of these cookies. One is an egg shaped cutter, the other a small round cutter.

To create the "yolk" color, use apricot, peach, orange or tangerine jam. Any orange colored marmalade, jelly or jam works well.

For the full recipe and instruction for these egg shaped jam sandwich cookies, hop on over to my German Food Page at


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