Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quince Chocolate Streusel Cake

We're still on the quince train people, so stay seated. This is the last stop.

A little secret about German streusel cakes... some of the best ones have no cake in the recipe at all, only streusel.

A few months ago, I discovered this when I was doing research to create this delicious elderberry marzipan streusel cake

This quince chocolate streusel version is beautiful German style addition for your holiday table uses fresh quince, a fragrant winter fruit.

There is no cake base in this recipe. Fresh quince are poached, then pressed into a homemade chocolate streusel mix, covered over with more streusel and then baked.  As a final touch in decoration and flavor,  the cakes is then drizzled with semi sweet melted chocolate. 

The last step is optional of course, but only a Scrooge does not like chocolate drizzled on their streusel cake. 

I mean. Really.

For the full recipe and instructions, hop on over to my German Food Page at

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