Friday, September 11, 2015

Lavender Bee Sting Cake

Traditional Bee Sting Cake with Lavender pastry cream

So Summer is over. I'm pretending it's not because I plan on posting some of the best desserts I made these past months. 

For the first time in over 5 years of writing in this space I fell off the blog wagon in a significant way. First it was just because I've had the most amazing spring and summer filled with fantastic travel, great work, glittering events, new friends and experiences. Then it was because I was too damn exhausted from living such a great life to write about it. I felt guilty (what blogger doesn't when they neglect their "baby"?) but I needed a blog break, physically and mentally. 

Yeah. First world problems.

Traditional Bee Sting Cake with Lavender pastry cream

Anyway, I will be posting about these adventures and recipes in the coming months starting today by sharing this Lavender Bee Sting Cake I made for

Baby steps people, baby steps.

One of the most beloved traditional cakes in Germany is called bee sting cake or Bienenstich in German.

The top layer has honey encrusted almond leaves. Baked as one layer as a sheet cake,  it is then cut in half and traditionally stuffed with vanilla cream. 

Not once I got ahold of it.

Traditional Bee Sting Cake with Lavender pastry cream

My flavor twist of substituting lavender pastry cream reinvents this classic in a big way. The combination to the crunchy honey, nutty top with the smooth flowery pastry cream is heavenly.

This recipe yields a significant amount so I recommend making it for a party or, alternately, be sure you have lots of friends and family around to share it with.

For the full recipe & instructions, hop on over to my German Food Page on

Traditional Bee Sting Cake with Lavender pastry cream

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