Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ramp Potato Swirl Rolls

Trying to get ahold of ramps this season was, well, trying. I did manage to nab a bunch at the farmers market early on in the season. Because it was so early, their bulbs were tiny and the leaves not so big. 

Subsequent passes thought the market revealed bigger and better bunches but I always was on my way somewhere that wasn't conducive to dragging these garlicky bunches along with. 

Last weekend I finally made a trip solely to secure several bunches to cook and bake with. Unfortunately only one vendor had them and they were in the form of a sad pile of naked ramp bulbs, stripped of their luscious leaves. Cue the horror show music.

I almost gave up until a friend suggested I try Whole Foods. I skidded into their produce section late that evening just before they closed and there they were, piles of gorgeous ramps with big beautiful bulbs and large elegant leaves. $20 later I headed home clutching my bag of precious cargo.

I suggest, if you can still find them (ramps have a very short season), bake these delicious swirled potato rolls. In this recipe, potato bread dough is rolled out, then slathered with a garlicky homemade ramp pesto and accented with gouda cheese. The cheese suggestion came from the same friend who saved the ramp day with her Whole Food suggestion. Yay for foodie friends.

These swirled rolls not only look pretty on any brunch table but pack a big flavor punch. The potato bread is the perfect accompaniment for the spicy ramp filling.

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