Friday, December 26, 2014

Rum Glazed Pretzel Shaped Cookies

Pretzel cookies always add a bit of visual fun to a cookie platter. These were on my Christmas dinner dessert table last night.

The cookies are made from a plain butter vanilla bean studded cookie dough. The rum glaze has lemon juice added to spike it with bright citrus flavor. when rolling out the cookies, if the dough comes apart, wet your hands with water when handling it and it should behave. 

Service these cookies to children  I leave up to your discretion as there is a significant amount of rum in the glaze. 
Warning: There are raw egg whites in the cookie glaze If you are squeamish about consuming raw egg whites, perhaps this recipe is not for you. To air on the safe side, use pasteurized (heated to a certain temperature to kill bacteria) egg whites. These have been treated to eradicate a possible salmonella and other bacterial contamination. Salmonella can cause serious health problems in the elderly or infants.

What you don't see in these pictures is, I had last minute inspiration and flacked them with gold dust before placing them on the platter. 
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  1. What cute little cookies! They sound delicious too :)


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