Friday, August 8, 2014

German Marzipan Sand Cookies

These German sand cookies are similar in process to American icebox cookies. You can also keep the finished dough log in the freezer and portion off however many you need to bake at a time.

This version is special, containing luscious flavorful marzipan which gives slice and bake cookies a whole other dimension. I made my own almond paste which I then used to create homemade marzipan to use in these cookies. Both are quick and easy to make and much more economical than store bought.

These cookies are especially popular in Germany at Christmas time. However, I am seasonally blind when it comes to cookie cravings. So here they are today. The German word for this cookie is "Thaler" which means "coin".  I'm all for creating a new cookie currency. Who's with me?

The recipe for these lovely treats can be found over on my German food page at


  1. I absolutely love marzipan. These cookies look just perfect.

    Blessings, Catherine

  2. I love almond paste! I can only imagine how yummy homemade is! These cookies sound delicious!


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