Friday, August 1, 2014

Fried Egg Cake (Spiegeleierkuchen)

When I first saw this cake in a bakery in Germany, I did a double take. It looked so much like fried eggs at first glance. On the second look, I burst out laughing 

People who have hung out in this space with me for awhile know I have a penchant for faux foods. For example, this year's April Fool's day post included these meringue mushrooms. My husband saw me photographing them indoors and thought it would be fun to put them outside in a more natural setting.

Anywho. This Fried Egg Cake Has been on my list for what seems like forever.  My new gig as a German Food Expert at gave me the perfect opportunity to make one myself.

The cake has three separate parts to it, the cake base, the pudding topping and the syrup glaze for the peaches. 

Not only was I super happy with the result, the cake is so dang delicious, it goes way beyond a stunt cake and now joins my regular rotation of favorites. Hop on over to my German Food Page at for the recipe and instructions.


  1. It does look delicious and it does look like a fried egg at first glance! Congratulations on the gig :)


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