Friday, May 23, 2014

Tulip Vodka

Awhile back Quirk Books sent me an absolutely gorgeous book called Cooking With Flowers. I was excited to receive it because I had plans to plant an edible flower garden so I practically jumped up and down when I received it.

Embarrassingly late with this post because I didn't get it together back then to post about this book or grow edible flowers,  BUT I have been absolutely devouring Cooking With Flowers  recently. Miche Bacher, the author is a genius and the elegant photos by Miana Jun are a whole other feast for the eyes.

As each flower and plant blooms in our garden I have been consulting this book and harvesting blooms as quickly and timely as I can. Not always easy to do when I'm only there on the weekends but I started with the lilacs (see my previous post, Lilac Cashew Baklava) and have been hooked.

I was further inspired by this book to buy nasturtium and pansy plants to grow and harvest my own stash of edible flowers. Most recently, I was excited to save the last of the gorgeous tulips in our garden to make the simple syrup and vodka recipes in this book.

Tulip martinis anyone????? The recipe for those are in the book as well and they are amazing.

So what do tulips taste like? After creating and sampling the simple syrup and vodka, like lettuce and cucumber but with a surge of fresh, bright flavor.

This vodka was easy and fun to make, and so colorful. So, when you are sad that your tulips are on their way out, their petals drooping or starting to fall , gather them up and infuse them with vodka and impress your friends with your ingenuity and culinary prowess.

Cooking With Flowers has a ton of information about edible flowers in addition to wonderful recipes. The book is creative, innovative and informative. Also very inspirational if you are in a culinary creative slump.

To make tulip vodka, basically you infuse a cup of cleaned and chopped tulip petals with two cups of vodka. for specifics, buy the book. You won't be sorry. As a matter of fact, if you want to impress your guests with creative new flavors right from your garden, this is the recipe book for you.

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