Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Red Velvet Fondant Covered Sparkly Lip Cookies

So here's what I decided to do with that red velvet fondant I created two weeks ago. Sparkly lip cookies of course! I've created lip shaped marshmallows and meringues for past Valentine's Day posts. It was time to create a cookie.

To start, I played recipe roulette with the internet for rollout cookie inspiration and settled on a chocolate mocha flavor. Specifically,  this one from the Whole Foods Market website. The dough is very crumbly and hard to work with but it produces a flavorful cookie. You can use your favorite rollout cookie recipe.

I cut out the lip shapes out of both the cookie dough and red velvet fondant. When the cookies were cooled, I adhered the fondant lip shapes to the cookies with some leftover royal icing.

Using a small paring knife I made a line impression to split the lip shape in two and then made wrinkle marks on both sides to make the lips look more realistic.

I finished the cookies off with a coating of disco dust and was super happy with the result. These are unusual in both taste and appearance. A perfect, flavorful Mad Hausfrau Valentine's Day treat.



  1. Happy Valetnines Day! These fondant cookies look yummie - and it's hard to believe they taste like chocolate too...

  2. Love this!! Will definitely have to try this recipe. Gorgeous pictures on all your posts!

  3. Hot Lips Houlihan would be so envious! These are fun and I really liked your homemade marshmallows hearts too.


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