Friday, February 28, 2014

Red Carpet Cookie Sticks for the Oscars and February's Funny food Blogger Posts

If you're looking for a super quick, easy and fun treat for your Oscar viewing party. I got you covered. Even better,  in making these, I used up leftover cookie dough and red royal icing. Bonus. Where's my Oscar for Best use of Leftovers?

To make these, use your favorite flavor rollout cookie recipe (vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, etc.), roll out and cut into strips.

After baking and cooling the cookie sticks completely, outline and flood with red royal icing and sprinkle with red sugar glitter. 

Let dry 24 hours and you're done. Watch people smile when you serve them at an Oscar party.

So let's dish about the Oscars a bit. Despite the Woody alleged abuse drama, I think Cate Blanchett is a lock for Best Actress even though Dame Dench was phenomenal in Philomena. As fabulous as she is, I would gladly give Amy Adams an Oscar if I never had to see her cleavage again but I have to say all four performances (Christian Bale -omg) in American Hustle were superb.

This letter that was passed around on Facebook made me think twice about going to see Wolf of Wall Street so I never did. Dallas Buyer's Club I will eventually get to. It's a painful topic for me.  Saw Gravity in 3D and couldn't imagine not. It will no doubt win lots of technical awards. Frau Bullock did an excellent job under very tough conditions. However, I thought George Clooney's performance was cartoonish. After seeing Monuments Men, I'm starting to think he's resorting to "phoning in the George" just like Jack Nicholson sometimes "phones in the jack". 

Tom Hanks definitely got overlooked with Captain Phillips, a fine film with great performances even with the controversy surrounding it. Barkhad Abdi gave a thrilling performance.  Nebraska came and went too fast before I knew it. 

Kicking myself I still haven't seen 12 Years as a Slave. All I know is that Lupita Nyong'o deserves an award for her flawless classy performance on the red carpet this awards season. Simply stunning. Every. Time. 

On the foreign front, The Hunt was a great movie but I think the Italians might have it in the bag for The Great Beauty. 

Hard to pick from the docs. Many of them were riveting. The Square and Dirty Wars especially. The Act of Killing was a completely surreal and chilling experience. Still disappointed Blackfish was not in the mix. 

So all will be revealed on Sunday.  Enjoy the show and for your further entertainment, here are the food blog posts that I especially enjoyed this past month:

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  1. Loved your Oscar post! I thought Sandra was terrific... and Philomena. Loved Cate too so that categories a win-win for me. Wonder what the upset will be this year... usually it's in supporting actress or actors - but maybe this year it's in the best actor cat. I'm bummed I didn't get to see any of the documentaries or foreign film this year... but hope to catch them this year.

  2. 12 Years A Slave left me numb and American Hustle was good but not sure if it was Oscar nom worthy. Still have lots to see before Sunday but wishing all the nominees GOOD LUCK!
    And finally your red carpet cookies sticks should get a coveted statue :)

  3. You do get the Oscar for best use of leftovers and for your opinions on who should win and why!

  4. Oh, the possibilities are endless here! Love these sparkly cookie sticks!


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