Monday, October 28, 2013

East Village Halloween Costume Dog Parade 2013

Instead of spending the entire weekend in the country, this time we stayed halfsies in the city solely to check out this year's dog costume parade. We also were both wiped out from an extra exhausting week so instead of braving the Friday night drive to Pennsylvania, we spontaneously opted to roll uptown and see Gravity in 3D IMAX, definitely the only way to see that movie.

Anyway, the next morning after brunch we meandered down the street to check out the creativity and cuteness that is the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Since this is a food blog, or an attempt at one anyway,  first up are some clever culinary oriented costumes.

This fabulous lobster bake costume/float won best in show at the costume judging:

However, there was another great lobster bake costume to admire:

This Mr. Softie Costume had me hearing the creepy music.

Holy Swiss cheese Batman! How cute was this goldendoodle?

What do you think the Colonel would say about this?

This Witch was patiently waiting on line holding her candy house.

This lobster seems to have escaped from the pot.

This dog was dyed blue with Kool-Aid.

Who could resist a Frenchie taco?

Among the famous faces sited were Jessica Rabbit:

Liberace - Behind the Candelabra

Walter White lives, people!

Princess Leia

Zoltar was on hand to tell your fortune..

In case you can't get answers from Zoltar, there's always a voodoo doll.

At first glance, these Rottweiler fairies are sweet but one looks like it's turning into a demon.

This husky was pulling a sled full of scary characters.

Make way for Barknado!

King Kong and Fay Wray came with their own Empire State Building.

So many other fun costumes. I  especially loved the ones where the owners also got into the act.

On the way back to our apartment I ran into a witch adjusting the head piece on her cohort in a baby stroller. Of course I did. 

Only in the East Village kids. Only in the East Village.


  1. Aha the ewok made me burst out laughing! But I think my fave is the taco dog, they're all so cute!

  2. Okay, that does it! I must find a costume for my black lab before Thursday! :)

  3. What creativity and what patient dogs!! Can only imagine how fun it was to watch this parade. I love the Taco Dog :)


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