Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Camouflage Thank You For Your Service Cookies for Operation Cookie Take Over

This past April I participated in this initiative, creating a sugar cookie version of MREs or meals ready to eat. Bloggers who signed up were asked to send at least two dozen cookies to soldiers in Afghanistan. There was one soldier who was collecting the cookies and she parceled them out to the other soldiers.

This time we were each assigned a specific soldier to directly send cookies to. The mandate has spread to send cookies to soldiers all over the world. I knew this time I wanted to send a special thank you instead of a visual pun so I had the idea to cut out the letters comprising "Thank Your For Your Service" and cover them in a camouflage design.

For these cookies I used one of my favorite delicious chocolate rollout cookie recipes from LilaLoa and followed Sweet Sugarbelle's  great instructions on how to make a camouflage pattern with royal icing.

So many creative bakers had clever, beautiful and heartfelt ideas to send. You can check out the photos at the Facebook page, Operation Cookie Takeover.

If you want to join this great initiative and put a smile on a solider's face, you can sign up at


  1. What an amazing idea! I remember sending LOTS of cookies to my hubby when he was deployed overseas, it means so much to those serving :)

  2. Amazing cookies, what a terrific design!! Chocolate too... yumm.

  3. I love that you did this wonderful act of kindness and I love your camouflage cookies and the message you created with them.

  4. My wife just told me she was baking some "Cookies for Soldiers". I thought that sounded neat, and wondered if there was a "movement" around it. So I Googled it, and discovered your blog. What a FABULOUS idea. I loved your approach, too -- so neat!! Thanks for sharing it.


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