Friday, February 22, 2013

Silver Screen Sugar Popcorn with Golden Stars for Oscar Night

It's that time of the year again. The denouement of red carpet season. In case you've been living under a rock, Sunday marks the 85th Academy Awards in tinseltown.

Those of us without a ticket will be huddled around our televisions. Some of us with friends  and fake ballots. Some alone or with our special someone.  

Inevitably the sideshow will take center stage. Living rooms and social media will explode with activity. Dresses will be oohed and ahhed over or ripped apart by the seams. Plastic surgery will be cattily speculated upon, hair will be heralded and hated, jewelry, shoes and makeup will be appraised, appreciated and abhorred. Speeches and presenters will be dissed and lauded. 


That doesn't happen at your place? 

Yeah right.

However or with whomever you watch the Oscars, there are sure to be lots of snacks. Popcorn is of course a movie classic. I can only guess how many different versons will be consumed across the country Sunday evening.

In Germany movie theater popcorn is always sugared. Butter and salt are not the norm. I was initially disappointed with this but over my years there I learned to tolerate it, then like it even.

So for an Oscar evening treat, I made this sweet version and accented it with edible silver spray and gold marshmallow fondant stars. 

I seem to always have endless amounts of leftover fondant. So I rolled it, cut out star shapes and sprayed them gold. Color Mist is seriously making me a baker/decorator.

Some sliver sprinkles were thrown in for a little extra glitz.

The recipe for sugar popcorn I found here. One word of warning, when adding the water and popcorn kernels to the oil, be careful because that hot oil will splatter. A lot.

So go on and get your catty on and enjoy the show!


  1. Such a cute idea! I love hot pretty all of your recipes turn out!

  2. Oh this is great. I'm going to an academy party myself on Sunday. May not be exactly hollywood style but it will be loads of fun and they would love this popcorn.
    My favorite in Germany was eating my salted popcorn with my hubby's sweet. He's a sweet guy all the way and I keep trying and failing to make it at home. I'll check out your link.
    Viel Spaß :-)

  3. Love its ingredients and vivid colors!

  4. You always make such festive foods!!

  5. You are so innovative! I always love a bit of lustre in foods.

  6. They should serve this at the Oscars! So cute!

  7. This is so new to me....nice idea:). Love the colors:)

  8. Definitely a snack fit for the red carpet!


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