Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mini Chocolate Poundcake Love Letters for Valentine's Day

Hard to believe the fondant leftover from the Gingerbread Exploded Meth Lab was repurposed into these pretty Valentine love letters.  Talk about extremes.

After they were finished, I realized I had created only the backs of envelopes and I should have made a few fronts with cute postage stamps and addresses. Oh well, bake and learn.

To make these, first I searched for a good chocolate pound cake recipe. I got lucky with this Glazed Triple Chocolate Pound Cake recipe from Real Simple. Even though I left off the glaze, this cake was so wonderfully rich and chocolatey, it was hardly recognizable as a pound cake, more like a fluffy brownie. I highly recommend this recipe.

After the cakes were done I trimmed  off the tops which were similar to brownie tops. I may or may not have snacked on all some of them.

Separating the leftover fondant into three parts,  one was dyed red and another pink. The last part I left white. I cut out the envelope shapes and flaps then pressed the molds I used on these cookies on each. 

Of course I decorated them with edible pearls and candies and disco dust. The small shapes were made using mini cutters.

The mini pound cakes were dirty iced with leftover chocolate buttercream to adhere the fondant love letters on top.

Almost everyone in my office went home with more than one of these last weekend. It made me smile to think these edible love letters were delivered to so many people.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Office deliveries are definitely much more fun when Lora is around! You come up with the most amazing ideas and make so many people smile. Pretty raspberry cookies too. :-)

  2. You had me at "mini chocolate pound cake." They didn't even have to be adorable. But they are! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You make me want to love Valentines Day with all these posts.. :3 But these are adorable, and your fondant work is superb xoxo get it girl!

  4. How sweet are these! That pound cake does look wonderful and your pretty fondant's secret of being part of a gingerbread meth lab is safe with us. Though I did love that post and article.

  5. The poundcake looks delish and the decorating superb. I don't think you need to worry about the letter fronts- these backs are so suß!
    You've been a busy busy Valentines baker. Hope you have a lovely day. cheers... wendy

  6. Adorable!! Fluffy brownies yes please. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

  7. Love love. Pink and chocolate are a great visual. One day I must work with fondant, if only to make these.


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