Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dragon Fruit Curd & February's Funny Food Blogger Posts

We had a photo shoot at work that involved exotic fruits furtively purchased in Chinatown. The staff gobbled everything up afterwards. Guavas, kumquats, illegal purple mangosteens and starfruit were greedily inhaled.

I did have to convince them to try the mangosteens, a favorite of mine since a trip to Bali years ago. However, when it came down to the dragon fruit they just circled around it. Not quite knowing what to do with it,  no one dared  be the first to try it.  There was a great deal of speculation on how it would taste and most likely they distrusted it's electric pink color.

As a result, at the end of last week, it was sitting all by its lonesome in the fridge so I rescued/absconded with it and added it to my weekend baking list.

To be honest I am a little bored with making curd to use up egg yolks from all the French macaron production around here but I was curious about what dragon fruit curd would taste like. 

I am glad I was. The fruit's delicate flavor was perfect for curd and the little seeds added something special visually.

To make the curd I followed the instructions for Starfruit Curd over at Global Table Adventure and substituted 1 cup of dragon fruit puree for the starfruit. 

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  1. I will admit to never having tried mangosteen or dragon fruit, mostly due to the fact that I live in Kansas. We finally got Meyer Lemons this year.

    I love that something growing in nature can be that hot pink!

  2. How lucky to be able to try so many of these cool fruits!! And that curd sounds deeeelicious!

  3. I have always wondered what dragon fruit is like. When I see them I admire the awesome pink colour but have never thought to try one. Might have to give it a shot. Do you think it would be a nice flavour in other desserts?

    1. It has a very delicate flavor but I think it's worth experimenting with.


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