Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Gold Glitter Cookies & December's Funny Food Blogger Posts

Here are some cookies, (not very original I might add) that are accompanying me to a big New Year's Eve bash.  For the cookie itself I used the tried and true sugar cookie recipe from Bake at 350 as well as her royal icing recipe. I sprayed them with gold color mist and then disco dusted them.

For 2013 I wish everyone health, happiness and most of all, laughter.  Speaking of which, here are the food bloggers whose posts made me laugh and smile this past month.

The Bearfoot Baker's Chocolate Moose

I Sugar Coat it's Lemon Nutmeg Cookies & Sweet Greetings

Cake Wreck's Torte Reform

G Bakes! Ikea Monkey Gets a Cake

The Amateur Gourmet's Nagging Latkes

Endless Simmer's Stick with Beer

Lentil Breakdown's The DIY Fruitcake Kit



  1. Happy New Year Lora. Have a sweet, healthy year of fun and continue to be a force for good.

  2. Cute, sparkly cookies. Happy new year dear Lora!

  3. I love these gold cookies! You always know how to celebrate. :)

  4. You certainly rocked 2013! All the best to you and the Dr. Lora. May 2013 be good and kind to you both and may you continue to inspire us in 2013 as you have throughout 2012.

  5. What wonderful cookies for a New Year's celebration, fantastic.

  6. Love all the sparkly gold! Happy New Year to you too!


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