Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiffany Cupcakes

These were a birthday surprise for a colleague. Her name is Tiffany so how could I resist making the cupcake embodiment of her name?

I used the Magnolia Bakery recipes for vanilla cupcakes and vanilla buttercream. It's my go to favorite and mostly because I know both recipes by heart. Easy Peasy.

Getting the color just right was tricky. I actually fished a Tiffany box deep out of a closet and kept comparing it to the buttercream while adding different amounts of light blue and green.

Leftover white homemade marshmallow fondant was used to form the ribbons and  I scattered some sugar pearls for a little extra pretty.


  1. Ooh how pretty, and perfect for, dare I say, breakfast? ;-)

    1. These are so glam! I bet they taste as elegant and delightful as they look.

  2. really inspired with the pictures!!!! So beautiful all of them

  3. You know what would be great A tiffany diamond ring hidden in the cupcake.

  4. I totally making these for my best friend (whose name is Tiffany!) Adorable.

  5. Really nice cupcakes! I would like to showcase this recipe on my cupcake recipes & ideas blog if you agree. Best regards

  6. You are so clever. They are so pretty and I'll bet she loved them. Now I want to make cupcakes again.

  7. Tiffany must have loved her special cupcakes. They are beautiful.


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