Sunday, September 30, 2012

Martha, Lidia and September's Funny Food Blogger Posts

Last week my friend Debbie invited me to a Women in Culinary Leadership dinner, a James Beard event at Vermillion, a restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Aside from Martha and Lidia, the panel also included the gorgeous and brillant Rohini Day, owner of Vermillion, Susan Ungaro, President of the James Beard Foundation and Dorothy Hamilton, Founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center. Excellent moderation was provided by  Martha Teichner from CBS  News. 

I arrived right behind Martha (who looked fabulous) and quickly found Debbie who was interviewing Lidia). Sitting at the press table, I was sandwiched in between Debbie who is a bit of a rock star herself, after 10 years as a producer on The Early Show, and the gorgeous and adorable Evette Rios from The Chew. We had a fun corner.

The discussion was interesting. Martha was, well Martha. An admirable and formidable business woman and just when I started thinking once again she has zero personality, she comes out with a dry zinger. Lidia on the the other hand, was so warm and engaging you just wanted to hug her. I resisted the urge when Debbie introduced me to her earlier in the evening. I only shook her hand.


The topics covered ranged from how far women have come in the kitchen, to different gender styles of chefs, to raising babies while working, to women chefs being discriminated from getting a bank loan. I was very interesting to hear all the different perspectives and personal experiences.

The restaurant itself is beautiful and the food was super interesting. During the event, a tasting menu was served of  a fusion between of Indian and Latin American cuisine. I have to say everything was excellent and I am putting Vermillion on my list of go to restaurants. I can't wait to go back.

Some of the tidbits served included Duck/Aloo Vindaloo Arepa (Indian spiced braised duck atop latin corn cake with diced mango) and Olive Naan Salad (Tandoori baked naan tossed with fresh greens and spanish olives). The Mango cardamon flan was outstanding and I am the person who normally runs the other way from flan.

Sorry my pictures are horrible. I rarely write posts about  these types of events I attend. But decided last minute to snap some photos with my iphone and post. So apologies for the quality.

Oh and taking a cue from someone else at the press table who nabbed Martha Stewart's, I stole this  off of the panelists table after the event was over.

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  1. Wow sounds like an awesome time! Met Lidia at a book signing, she is so warm you feel like you know her!

  2. What a great event. I'll be sure to call you next time I'm in NYC. I'll,be your date to Vermillion.

  3. How exciting, Lora! I so enjoyed reading this post - especially the part about Martha being blah and snooty..then BOOM..her dry sense of humor! I actually love that about her..she wouldn't be 'Martha' without the 'tude and zingers! Remember..she's just a gal from Nutley,NJ..not the waspy CT rich girl growing up..which everyone initially thought. Lidia..I've heard such great things about her. Gwen from Bunky Cooks interviewed her and visited her winery in Italy! Did you ever see the posts? In any event..I'm writing a novel I'll stop

  4. Awww, I would have wanted to hug Lidia too! Not sure I could have shown such restraint. ;-)


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