Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Caramel Ginger Milk Chocolate Layer Cake

It's official. I am giving in to fall baking. A wonderful person from my past life as a talk show producer posted this on facebook.

After I put my eyes back in my head I knew I had to make this cover cake. Brenda kindly sent me a copy of the magazine and here's the bonus, I was pleasantly surprised with all the wonderful and creative recipes in it. Treating my Thanksgiving dinner like a major television production every year, I obsessively keep a folder to put ideas in all year long. Several from Celebrate Autumn have made it in there waiting to trot them out for the holiday.

The cake is a caramel layer cake with milk chocolate frosting in between the layers. The entire cakes is covered in caramel buttercream and topped with chocolate curls. Gorgeous, no? The ginger tweak is mine. I added powdered ginger to the cake batter and sprinkled crystalized ginger over the top in addition to the chocolate pieces.

The recipe also suggests using canned frosting and store bought jar of caramel which probably makes the whole process go a lot faster  but I made my own in both cases.

The cake was moist and delicious with wonderful flavors. I highly recommend this magazine.  You can get your own at The magazine is also available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and most likely, your local grocery store.


  1. Delicioussss... when it's cooler here, 96 degrees outside, I will try my hand at baking some seasonal goodies!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like your additions to this cake. It's a beauty and the flavours are wonderful.

  3. Caramel cake is a favorite! The candied ginger is a great touch.

  4. I love caramel anything, especially cake. I can see why you dove right into the fall baking. Time for me to get started.

  5. The ginger is definitely a great touch, and as for making your own frosting - I wouldn't expect anything less from you! : )


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