Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July's Funny Food Blogger Posts

Here are the posts that gave me a smile this month:

Thursday Night Smackdown's Shit With Screwed Up Priorities Monday

Piece of Cake's Kool-Aid Marshmallows

Lentil Breakdown's Fat Time Off and  A Bi-curious, Two-timing Almond Cake Affair

Cake Spy's Oreo Etiquette 

Oh My Veggies Vanilla Ice

Cake Wrecks Oddly Specific Apology Cakes 

Salty Seattle's Renovation Saga Week Three: The Crazies of Craig's List

David Leite's That Paris Effect


  1. Oh how I always love Cake Wrecks. It's good to know that if I ever pee on someone or give them a sexually-transmitted infection, I can always go to the Kroger and buy them an apology cake.

    OK what is up with a $240 spoon?! Paul refused to pay $18 for a wooden spoon at Williams-Sonoma the last time we were in there and insisted I buy a steel/silicone "wooden" spoon instead, because of its "superior engineering." Part of me is seriously tempted to buy him a $240 spoon for Christmas just for the reaction...

  2. These roundups always make my month!

  3. Good reading material. Can't wait to peruse. I wish I had a hundred more hours in a week, don't you.


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