Monday, April 30, 2012

A New House & April's Funny Food Blogger Posts

It's been one crazy busy month. I got a day job with a small creative agency. We bought a weekend getaway house and what followed were endless appointments with painters, tile and floor installers and plumbers. There were five birthdays including Dr. B's where I surprised him with tickets to The Daily Show. We had out of town visitors, a screening and a gallery opening and tons of other events.

April was a blur...but in the middle of it all I made 70 of these for a wedding party of a dear couple:

There just seemed to be endless lists of other things to do. Something had to give and this poor blog took the hit. So many ideas... and no time to make them happen.

Here's a peek at my new weekend play space:

It's a huge kitchen. This is only 2/3 of it. Those of you who know my love for color understand how the grey, black, wood combo is not exactly my taste.  Over the next months, the plan is to slowly customize it to my satisfaction.

Come on around and down the stairs... the other kitchen. It's a lot nicer now. 

Dr. B has cleaned up this area quite a bit since this photo was taken in the fall when we first saw the house. I see lots of summer s'mores  happening.....

I didn't get to read as many food blogs as I would like this month but here are a few posts I did catch that made me laugh:

Cake Wrecks' Easter Enigmas
The Decorated cookie's How to Get Rid of Leftover Peeps
Vanilla Garlic's Suit Up: Strawberry-Lime Buttermilk Cake


  1. Oh the weekend house is just beautiful!! How much are you going to love working in that kitchen and exploring the out of doors! I can't imagine having to pack up and return to the city on Sunday evenings.

  2. OH, invite me over! Please!?

    Those cookies are pretty awesome. :)

  3. Ummm...weekend getaway house!? My everyday house that I can't get away from is smaller than that. And there's five of us. Yes, I am's fantastic!

  4. How exciting to have a weekend home, but I immediately thought those colors don't look like her. At first I thought you chose those and I thought no no no where is the fun, the pizazz? Can't wait to see what you do. Also I love those cookies. You're amazing.

  5. Wow what a fantastic weekend house!! So Jealous. I imagine pies on the windowsill and s'mores by the stream. How perfect.

  6. I'm so happy you're out living life and doing fun things and buying a beautiful house! Totally worth the time taken off, in my opinion!

  7. Houses in the country always make me think of Mr. Blandings or George Washington Slept Here. I certainly hope you're having an easier time of it than that! Can't wait to see what you do with the kitchen. Oh, and I'm totally jealous that you got to go to The Daily Show. How fun!

  8. Wow! Just wow! I'm thoroughly blown away by the Daily Show tickets (lucky you!) but this house is fabulous and what a stunning outside! I am so coming to visit you now! And knowing you, I can't wait to see what you do to that kitchen and the way the colors will just pop. Am so envious of that oven :-( We are designing the kitchen to our future new apartment (tiny tiny in comparison to your simple weekend getaway) and may have to suffer with a small French oven again. But creating one's own kitchen is the best part of a new home, right? xo


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