Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marshmallow Madness & March's Funny Food Blogger Posts

A few weeks ago along with my friend Debbie from Ready4Air, I took the crosstown bus to Chelsea Market to meet Shauna Server at Posman Books for her Marshmallow Madness book signing.

The first marshmallows I ever made were from a recipe on Shauna's blog, Piece of Cake. They came out perfect and in the numerous times I have made marshmallows since I have always used her recipe, just switching out the flavors and colors.

Shauna was sweet and gracious and brought samples! There were vanilla bean, concord grape and mint chocolate chip marshmallows sitting in front with a come hither look just waiting to be tried. I sampled the concord grape and was not disappointed. They were lusciously delish.

I bought Shauna's book and have spent a good deal of time leafing through it and marveling at her creativity. Cute Fact: The book itself has a cushy cover that somehow even feels like a marshmallow. Puffy and colorful.  I highly recommend the book if you love marshmallows, are a mallow maker of any level of expertise or are just looking for inspiration. Don't let the cuteness fool you. There is great info in the book. She covers the process from A-Z and from fruity to boozy, the recipes are wonderful. The book is so cute and cheerful, it makes me smile.

Onto other things that made me smile this month. Here are some funny food blogger posts:

If You Can Make That You Can Make This's The Wednesday Tipple - The Steadier, for Frazzled Nerves and Catastrophe.

Food For the Thoughtless' I Won't Eat Kale Poem

Cake Wrecks' Now That's a Bad Day

Lentil Breakdown's My Girl Scout Cookie Cartel Makeover

Anger Burger's My Mother F#$king Weeknight TReat (as much as I love The Kitchen, this cracked me up)

Thursday Night Smackdown's If All My Friends Jump Off a Bridge, I Hope They Have a Collective Funeral.


  1. SO cool that you got to meet Shauna! i've been reading her blog for a while now and she seems like such a sweetheart!

  2. Ooh, I love Shauna! Bet she's a sweetie in person.

    And that weeknight retreat article is sooo funny!

  3. I am just aghast that mint chocolate chip marshmallows exist in the world and I have yet to stuff my maw full of them.

  4. Must check out your links...especially I Won't Eat Kale Poem...I have yet to eat Kale :) I've seen so much of Shauna Server's Book on the web that I think it is time I get a copy of it in my own hands :)

  5. Lora! You are too kind. It was so great meeting you--hope I didn't scar you for life when I freaked out, realizing that I knew who you were! :) xo

  6. Every book signing should have free samples! Well, maybe not every book signing, but I would be really excited to get marshmallows.

    Love the funny posts of the month, as well. I was laughing like a hyena when I read, "Sorry I projectile vomited all over your apartment...and cat." Why is it that "and cat" make the whole thing that much funnier? Also, an orange and some dates definitely don't qualify as a "grown-up dessert" in this house!

    1. The "and cat" addition did me in as well.


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