Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jeweled Easter Eggs

Ever since I overdid it making candy jewels for these babies...

I have been looking for the opportunity to use up the approximately 1 million I still have. Jeweled Easter aggs seemed like a no brainer.

First I dyed the eggs using glitter easter egg dye.

Then I used a dab of royal icing to adhere the jewels to the eggs.

To make the jewels:

I used a corn syrup based recipe. you can make them with isomalt but I had a ton of light corn syrup on hand to I went with that.  Excellent comprehensive instructions can be found here at Chica & Joe.

I wouldn't advise eating the jewels off of the artificial easter egg dye but I was really happy with the way they came out.


  1. Glittered eggs with jeweled adornments. The Easter Bunny never had it so good!

  2. Those would make the most fab egg salad sandwiches. Ever.

    Loved your bedazzled macarons. Super love these. :)

  3. From bedazzled macarons to bedazzled eggs. I can already tell it's going to be one spectacular easter at your place!

  4. *squeals and claps hands* LOVE the pretty bejazzled easter eggs! Can't believe you made them yourself! They are actually amazing xox

  5. Oh wow - Faberge's got nothing on you. Delightful!!!

  6. Wow, the fanciest, most beautiful bejeweled eggs I've ever seen!


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