Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February's Funny Food Blogger Posts

So because I have a bad cold and because it's leap year, I am skipping adding a recipe to this post and going straight for the laughs. Enjoy this month's funny food blogger posts and Happy Leap Year or Leap Year Day or whatever....

Thursday Night Smackdown's Special Offer for Anyone Who Calls in the Next 17 Minutes!

Moogie & Pap's Road Kill Cupcakes, Happy Groundhog Day!

LilaLoa's Show Me Your Icing Colors

Lentil Breakdown's Ode to a Blood 

Food Network Humor's Meanwhile...On Barefoot Contessa...

Ezra Pound Cake's Hot Chocolate For Grownups

Cake Wrecks' Have a "Heart"

Food For the Thoughtless' Lost in Translation: A Love Cake

The Cooking Channel Blog's Overheard at Trader Joe's: The Couple's Edition


  1. Now I know what I'll be perusing at work all day today instead of getting anything done. YES!

    Hope you feel better soon chica!

  2. Crush that cold! Seriously, I hope you get better soon (like, before the weekend).

    "Angry, Grabby, Crazy-Eyes and Broke-Ass" HA! I'd have to add "Cheater" and "Closet Religious-Fundamentalist."

  3. Feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

  4. Sorry that you are ill and hoping you bounce back soon. Thank you for the links and I hope to be able to check them out over the weekend.


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