Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hot Chocolate Candy Cane Truffles

Just arrived to our home in Germany and wanted to get this post up while my eyes are still open. I have to take jet lag into consideration. However, as I was going through the pictures of these truffles I made last weekend, so sorry about this, but I think they look like turds.

Turd truffles. Truth or Jet Lag?

Good thing I put those big glowy candy canes in some of the pictures. They distract from the truffles. See?

That's better.

I promise they taste the farthest thing from a turd. Not that I have been snacking on turds. Sorry I said turd so many times on a baking blog, especially at holiday time. If you haven't left by now (I don't blame you), onto the truffles.

Leaving turdy and onto to trashy. In addition to crushed candy canes, I used hot cocoa mix in the truffles themselves. Like that wasn't trashy enough, I rolled them in it as well. You should have seen the OCD Mad Hausfrau picking the dehydrated mini marshmallows out of the hot cocoa mix. Pathetic.

But worth it. I loved how they tasted like hot cocoa and the candy cane flavor makes them even more festive.

These truffles might be turdy and trashy but they taste good. Would calling them Reindeer Poo Truffles make them classier?


Hot Chocolate Candy Cane Truffles

  • 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  • 4 ounces milk chocolate, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 2 envelopes hot cocoa mix
  • 4 medium sized candy canes, crushed

  • Place bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, 2 tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix and 2 tablespoons of the crushed candy canes into a heat proof bowl.
  • Heat cream and butter together until just boiling.
  • Pour the butter/cream mixture over the chocolate mixture.
  • Whisk until combined and smooth.
  • Whisk in peppermint extract.
  • Place in fridge until the mixture hardens.
  • Mix together the remaining hot cocoa mix and crushed candy canes on a plate.
  • Remove truffle mixture from fridge and using a teaspoon to portion out the truffles, form the mixture into balls between your hands.
  • Roll the truffle in the hot cocoa mix/crushed candy cane mixture and return to the fridge until ready to serve.
  • I sprinkled some red disco dust on for additional holiday flair.


  1. Oh Lora, you kill me :) They look very truffly and not at all turdy! On that note, I was making chocolate biscotti the other day, and shaping the logs when daughter number one walked into the kitchen and asked why I was making, (you can guess.)

    Have a happy holiday season and hope the jet-lag wears off soon.

  2. A lot of the most delicious foods kind of look like poop. These look delicious, and now I need red disco dust to boot. :)

  3. i love hot chocolate! i am not a huge fan of candy canes. but this, this i will eat.

  4. I love these truffles - the hot chocolate flavor with cool peppermint sounds terrific! I also LOVE those purple potato latkes with garlic - sumac sour cream. I must make them for 'Christmukkah'. That said - I got your package a few days go - WOW, what a haul, even better than expected! I'm baby sitting my three year old nephew Friday and we're going to be digging into that box and baking away! So excited to use everything! Thank you! xo

  5. Hello....are you awake? LOL These *Reindeer Poo Truffles* sound delicious and I can so picture you picking out dehydrated mini-marshmallows from the cocoa mix. You do go to great lengths to produce wonderful treats.

  6. LOL...I laughed reading your descriptions of these truffles. Don't be too critical with these truffles. They are innocent! LOL I think they look lovely with a tint of reds from the crushed candy cane.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy New year countdown too in Germany :D

  7. So festive and perfect. Have a great holiday in Germany. It might be a nice kitchen break for you. Although you might miss baking too. I hear they have wonderful bread there.

  8. Oh goodness! You've caused my first laugh of the day. I'm imagining you removing all those marshmallows! Too funny. What about calling them "Candy Cane Coal" or something like that? They're kinda coal-y.

    Boo jet lag. It sucks. Hope you're enjoying the Christmas market!

  9. True truffles are meant to look like that aren't they? Hope you get over your jet lag soon and have a fabulous Christmas.


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