Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Houses NYC

This post is a bit lame in that I was planning to make my own gingerbread house this year. The days are flying by and we are leaving to go back to Germany next week to spend Christmas with Dr. B's family. It now seems likely my gingerbread fantasy creation will remain a fantasy for now.

So instead (here's the lame part) I am posting pictures of other people's gingerbread houses. These charitable gingerbread creations are for a competition sponsored by Le Parker Meridien in NYC. The public pays $1 to be able to vote for a favorite and the money goes to City Harvest, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry.

The previous pictures are of a gingerbread rendition of santa's workshop with an Occupy movement in full swing by Tribeca Treats. The signs are so clever.

No Occupy movement is complete without a hipster scalper:

The animals get in on the action too:

Not everyone was protesting. Some unpolitical gingerbread folk were lining up for what will surely be one of the most coveted toys of 2012.

Very well done!

This gingerbread typewriter by Baked Ideas is truly amazing!

So many cute details like the cookie returns and the fondant paper and the NYC taxies carrying Christmas trees.

A beautiful rendition of Central Park's Boathouse was done by BLT Steak.

So elegant. I loved the bushes in front and the gum balls on the roof.

The famous Gramercy Tavern created Olsen Manor named after their pastry chef Nancy Olsen.

So many cute details on this one, like the gingerbread lake.

The snowman, skis around the corner:

I especially loved the gilded pretzels as fencing.

Norma's, the restaurant in Le Parker Meridien made a gingerbread recreation of the hotel itself.

Where the restaurant

and the pool

are both well represented.

ComeOnToMyHouse with the beautiful Gretel's Temptation by Cupcake Cafe.

I loved all the curves and angles on this one and the roof details.

No Gretel theme is complete without the witch:

The last entry was sweet and simple by Soutine. A Nutcracker-ish clock.

Sadly, some of the detailing had fallen off but I did love that necco wafer flooring.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood it's definitely worth it to pop in for a look and don't forget to vote!


  1. I've never been able to make a gingerbread house that stood on its own, but I love seeing other peoples' successful work!

    Have a great time in Germany! Happy Holidays!

  2. I don't think it's lame at all and I'm so happy your posted all these pictures. I'm in awe of the talent and the creativity.

    Safe travels to Germany and Merry Christmas to you and Dr. B. Thank you for a delicious and delightful year of blogging and sharing and for all your work on FFTC. You are a very special lady indeed and I am grateful to have met you through your site.

  3. These are so cute! Occupy wall street protest gingerbread folk...that is just awesome.

  4. Wow those are amazing! I made my first gingerbread house this year :)

  5. wow that's so different from the gingerbread house I have ever seen. I like it...very festive and pretty.

  6. All fabulous. The typewriter is amazing. If you had time, you could blow them all away. I know it.

  7. Wow what a cool bunch of gingerbread creations. I LOVE the typewriter, and don't worry I didn't get to finish my gingerbread house either. I only half decorated it and gave up.


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