Monday, October 31, 2011

BOOmeringues & September LOL Food Blogger Posts

Although I love Halloween and will be attending a great party tonight in an apartment with a terrace overlooking the NYC Village Halloween parade, I am a bit sad about the state of my blog this month. October was a freight train whizzing by and it left all my fabulous Halloween baking ideas in the dust. They all will just have to wait until next year.  BOO-hoo.

I did do a huge amount of generic Halloween baking this month for parties and events, just didn't have time the spare time to photograph and post everything.

For my own Halloween kickoff cocktail party I made Halloween themed food and treats. All I have to show for it is this picture of a fleshless face dip.

These BOOmeringues are also from my party. They are a bit wonky and I was hesitant to post them but I had nothing else Halloweeny and the visual pun was perfect for the theme of this post.

For the meringues I used a recipe from the very creative The Art of Being Perfect. Instead of piping upwards to make standing ghosts. I made boomerang shapes.

Enough whining and onto the posts this month that turned my frown upside down:

King Arthur Flour's Specialty Sugars: Buttons and Bow for Your Baking

Lentil Breakdown's Single Bite Occupy LA

Scarletta Bakes Vegetarian Texas Frito Pie

Endless Simmer's A Jack 'OLantern's Home Birth

Kitchen Scraps' Evil Pumpkin Zombies (Check out the directions)

Joy the Baker's Don't be a Slutty Panda for Halloween Advice

Speaking of slutty costumes, this made me howl:

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Such cute and tasty Halloween treats! That dip looks spookily delicious too!

  2. The fleshless face dip is totally scary! How'd you even think of that one? Yikes! Lots of fun treats here.

  3. Love these boomeringues - as an Aussie it's great to have an alternative look for the big H day - ghostly throwers that (be-warned) return to haunt another year ;)

  4. October was totally insane! I guess things won't quiet down until after the New Year at this point...

    LOL about "don't be a slutty Michelle Obama!" I was totally cheap and went with a $0 Stevie Nicks costume. Thanks to years of random dance classes, I had everything I needed in my closet!

    Hope you have a blast at your party! Sounds like fun! Your "fleshless face" dip is pretty amazing--you might need to do a step-by-step for that one. I'm trying to figure out how you made the nose!

  5. How cute! Now I get it, Boo-meringue, very clever. I feel the same way about October too. Actually I've been feeling that way since about July. Hope you had lots of fun at your party, and that "face" eeeeee, scary!

  6. I LOVE the pun! And these little ghosts are so cute, and I bet equally as delicious!

  7. Ew, ew, ew! I am totally grossed out by that fleshless face! I love it!!

    Cute boo-meringues too! Very clever. :)

  8. Your Boomeringues are too cute and that fleshless dip face is grossly amazing. You really have to post the recipe and *how-to* for this one sometime. What a perfect dish for a Halloween party.

  9. Love the face! I also love your BooMeringues! I feel guilty because I have egg whites in my fridge that were supposed to be made into meringue ghosts yesterday but didn't make it. Going to try again today!

  10. Wow, wow! Your creativity is so darn refreshing! I simply love the fleshy face, I am going to make that for a tailgate party if you don't mind he! he! Even the little meringue ghosts are too cute for words!

  11. That's brilliant and so very creative-happy Halloween! :D

  12. Love your play on words and that face looks downright REAL! Yikes! :)


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