Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artichoke Biscuit Bread with Asiago Cheese and Olives

Artichokes, olives and cheese...three of my favorite things so once I saw this bread over at Circle B Kitchen I had to make it stat.  She was inspired by an artichoke bread she read about in a newspaper article. Using a buttermilk bread recipe in her files, she came up with this masterpiece.

The bread is amazing, savory and substantial, yet fluffy. The only changes I made were to use reduced fat buttermilk (1 1/2%) and I used my martini olives with pimentos in them. Of course not all of them. I still need some for emergency martinis.

I served this bread for dinner and lunch with salads but it would also be perfect with eggs for a delicious, flavorful breakfast.

Hop on over HERE for the recipe.


  1. What a hearty looking bread (glad you saved some martini olives!) I'm making raisin bread for the first time today and keeping my fingers crossed it turns out as although I make bread every week, ever tried raisin and this recipe has oatmeal in it too.

  2. Ooooh, that would be so nice for breakfast with a fried egg right on top. Love a layered, savory bread like this.

  3. Masterpiece is right! This and a nice salad is all I'd need for dinner!

  4. Bookmarking! I love love love artichokes (and olives and cheese!). A pantry without olives for emergency martinis would be an emergency, indeed! :-)

  5. What interesting flavor combinations, I really like a good savory bread. Good thinking keeping some emergency olives :)


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