Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Flowers Mini Cake Pops and April's LOL Food Blogger Posts

April Shower bring May flowers. This is certainly true here. The trees all blossomed this month and the flowers have created a riot of color in the garden.

They inspired these mini cake pops. I'm too jaded to squee.

But If I did,

I would.

I had some leftover cake and frosting from various baking fails projects. After mixing them together, I used mini cookie cutters to form flowers. Toothpicks were the perfect size to stick them on. 

I melted some white chocolate and dyed them different colors using Wiltons candy coloring.

For the centers I used a great idea from Sweet Sugarbelle on what to do with leftover royal icing. I had white and yellow still bagged. I piped out circles on parchment paper, covered them with edible glitter and white non pareils and let them dry over night.

Then I just stuck them on the cake pop centers when they pops were almost dry.

These make me happy.

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  1. These are the perfect way to get May going! And hopefully convince it that it should ACTUALLY be spring and not winter anymore. So cute!

  2. Those are just lovely.
    I'm not too jaded, I squeed for you. :)

    LOVE love the idea of making the centres ahead of time, I'll use that, thank you!

    Kind regards, Kitty

  3. I'm not jaded just too old to get away with *squee* but still in all, I do it. I'm SQUEE'ing over your cake pops!


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