Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Showers Cookies

I am back to practicing decorating sugar cookies and feeling a slight cookie redemption coming on after posting those wackadoodle goatlambs a few days ago.

I ain't bragging or anything. Just saying the cringe factor was way less when I finished these.

'Cept please don't look too closely at the polkadots on the umbrellas.

They are completely uneven. To compensate, I coated them with disco dust.

I coated all the cookies with disco dust.

Every cloud needs a silver lining.

It's a compulsion of mine and disco dust makes everything better.


Someone needs to put some disco dust on Khadafy.

This time I used Sweetopia's sugar cookie and royal icing recipes. Both are winners. Her cookies are works of art. If you have not visited, I highly recommend her site not only to ogle her gorgeous creations but she also shares kick ass decorating tutorials.

Here's what I used on Mine.

For the Clouds:
A few dabs of Wilton's black gel color into the icing to get the gray color/Silver disco dust 

For the Raindrops:
Wilton's Hyacinyth Blue gel color
Blue Topaz disco dust
Pearl white luster dust

For the Umbrellas:
Wilton's Teal color gel/teal disco dust
Wilton's Violet color gel/lavender disco dust
Wilton's Kelly Green color gel/apple green disco dust

Sweetopia's royal icing came out very white but I squeezed a few drops of Wilton's White White in anyway.

For a great video tutorial on how to create the polkadots, check out this post on University of Cookie.

University of Cookie

The U of Cookie brings together some of the most talented cookie decorators on the web. It's also a great source of information and tutorials.


  1. How cute! Love the umbrella one..adorable!

  2. The little umbrellas are super cute! beautiful colours.

  3. Oh these are adorable! Love how pastel-y and glittery they are!

  4. Cookies for "april showers". Literally ! I love the idea. And hi five on disco dusting khadafi! LOL

  5. Making little raindrops to go with your sweet umbrellas was a great idea. Glad you are enjoying making sugar cookies. Such fun!

  6. These are adorable! You do great work!

  7. Love love love your work!!! You gave me an awesome idea with the disco dust (I love that you call it that too, hehe!) I'm making tie dye cupcakes and thought the dust would be a nice compliment to the frosting.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!


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