Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Mint Marshmallows for St. Patrick's Day

I am on a marshmallow making kick for sure. I already made a set for an Easter post. 

These four leaf clover shaped marshmallows were inspired by a bit of nostalgia from my childhood, Lucky Charms cereal. 

I loved the commercials and lusted after this cereal. I was completely seduced by the "yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers."

I think I got to eat them once or twice max. We never ate sugar cereals as children. My mother was way ahead of her time. She always shopped at the health food stores. No soda, chips or foods with preservatives were found in our home. McDonald's was once or twice a year for special treats. It seemed unfair sometimes a little weird at the time but I thank her for it now. 

However, now that I am all grown up (sort of) I can make my own.

Shamrock Mint Marshmallows

I followed THIS recipe from Piece of Cake's wonderful baking blog. She made wonderful bubblegum flavor marshmallows. I followed her directions exactly, added some mint extract and then used a small clover cutter to cut out the shapes.


  1. Ditto my mom on the health food & no sugared cereals, and me dreaming of the stuff in the adds.

  2. Such a fun idea and so much better than Lucky Charms!


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