Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dorie Greenspan's Cookiebar Pop Up Cookie Store NYC

Let me just start by saying it's a good thing I have absolutely no aspirations to be a professional baker. Because if I did, after today I might as well just throw myself under an Entemann's baked goods truck.

What can $10.75 buy you in NYC? 

"Not much" most people would say. Maybe a (very) short taxi ride or a carton of organic milk.

Well today I proved that wrong. 

$10.75 bought me perfection, people. 

Perfection in the form of four of the most perfect cookies I have ever tasted in my life at Cookie Bar, Dorie Greenspan's pop up cookie store at Mizu salon (Park Ave between 59th and 60th streets.)

In case you have been living in the cave next to Osama Bin Laden, let me explain about Ms. Greenspan. Legions of bloggers, home cooks and foodies are enticed, delighted and amazed at Dorie's brilliant cookbooks. They salivate and ruminate over her confections, incredibly creative recipes and her NYC/Parisan/Connecticut lifestyle.

Many people out there brilliantly replicate her recipes. Tuesdays with Dorie and French Fridays with Dorie are two examples. The ones I have personally tried have always been excellent. However, who could resist tasting something made by her and her team directly?

I was away in the country for the past few days but as soon as I returned, I speed walked over to the Cookie Bar to stuff my face sample the wares. The four cookies I bought were:

A Chewy Chunky Blondie (my favorite)

A World Peace Cookie (I need to send these to Dr. B in Iraq)

A Sugar Topped Vanilla Sable (Oh mama)

A Pear Pineapple Jammer (Loved it)

They were all out of the chocolate chunkers (of course) but this may prompt a return visit today. It's ok. Don't feel sorry for me.

Dorie and "The Kid" were both there. Dorie smiling greeting everyone, chatting, "The Kid" selling cookies, making change.

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of NYC, Get Thee to the Cookie Bar! It opens at 10 am but be aware, all the sweetness ends tomorrow, Friday the 11th. Follow the Cookie Bar on twitter HERE  where you can find frequent inventory updates.


  1. Omg a cookie bar - what an AWESOME shop. Can't believe you got to meet Dorie!!! So jealous!

    And because I love your blog I am awarding you the Stylish Blogger award! Grab the award and instructions here: :) xox

  2. Sounds like my kind of store. How sad that the sweetness has to end!

  3. Yet another cool place I missed out on...bummer. That pear pineapple number looks diviiiine.


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