Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Treats - Mummies, Devils, Bones and Witch Legs, Oh My!

It's hard to describe how much I love my friends Arnold & Fabio. Their house and their hearts are always always open to everyone. Fabio is a fabulous home cook and baker. His cakes are the epitome of elegance. Arnold is always the motivator and life of the party.

Tonight they are hosting a huge Halloween party for about 80 guests. The theme -  Disguise the Limit. So cute. No? When I knew I wold be in the States to attend I volunteered to make some treats to add to the fun.

Most of these ideas I got from other bloggers.

First off I made Mummy cupcakes. I have seen several versions of these from other bloggers over the last years. Basically you frost a cupcake, cut strips of fondant and lay them over the cupcakes like bandages. I made the eyes out of fondant as well. I used the Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream recipes.

What was fun was changing the expressions of each by changing the eyebrows. I did unibrow and cross-eyed versions as well.

Meringue bones were a must. Several bloggers have posted versions of these. I used this one from

I added streaks using Antique White luster dust to make them a bit more glamorous.

These witch leg cookies were created by Meaghan over at The Decorated Cookie. She does the most beautiful cookies and her tutorials are first rate.

The only changes I made to her recipe were purely cosmetic. Using Wilton's black food coloring gel, I made the chocolate cookies black and I also used disco dust instead of glitter for the ruby slippers as well as adding the bow embellishment.  There will be a lot of drag queens at this party tonight so I have changed the name to "Bitch I'm Gonna Drop a House on Yo' Ass" cookies.

The final treat I made were Devil Devil's Food cupcakes. I used David Lebowitz's Devil's Food Cake recipe and doubled it to get 32 cupcakes. I used Wilton's Red Red food coloring gel to color the buttercream. For the tails, horns, eyes, goatees, mouths and eyebrows I used homemade marshmallow fondant. I colored the fonadant with Wilton's yellow, leaf green and orange.

I have another Halloween party to go to tomorrow. This one is on a second floor balcony in Greenwich Village which over looks the parade. I'll be bringing some of these treats there as well.

Since I have no pictures of me in costume yet this year..I'll leave you with these. These are a few years old. My friend Wendy and I were making our way through Greenwich Village to a party...

Photos By Alan Kaplan

Because. I really am the devil ;-)


  1. these are such adorable spooky treats... very cute
    Happy Halloween,

  2. These will definitely add to the fun! So great! Happy Halloween!

  3. Lora!
    Amazing beyond!!!

  4. I've always wanted to try marshmallow fondant! Was it tedious? I've copped out and bought the pre-made ones in the past but heard these marshmallow ones taste better. I love all these halloween treats! so festive :)

  5. Thanks ladies! @Kotomi - I find marshmallow fondant easy to make. The tip is to grease your spatula, bowl and hands before you get started. Your hands do get a workout, especially when coloring it but you can control the results so much more than using the store bought.

  6. "Bitch I'm Gonna Drop a House on Yo' Ass" cookies. Hahahaha!

    She got served. Literally and figuratively.


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